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Purchasing Genuine Japanese Beef and American Wagyu

In a nutshell, Kobe is a kind of Wagyu. Wagyu is a broad translation of “Japanese cattle”. As a result, “Wagyu” refers to any cattle reared in Japan or in the Japanese way. Kobe beef is made from a particularly specific breed of Wagyu known as Tajima-Gyu, which is raised to tight specifications in the Hyogo prefecture. The name comes from the capital city of Hyogo, Kobe. How can you tell whether the Japanese Wagyu beef or Kobe steak you’re purchasing is genuine? Genuine Kobe wagyu beef wholesale, has few markers that can help you decide if you are paying for the real deal, whether it is from Japan or produced in the United States.

Examine the Cost

Examining the price isn’t the greatest method to identify if you’re dealing with genuine Kobe or Wagyu, but it is one factor to consider. Genuine Wagyu is unquestionably more costly than other cuts, and the premium is justified. But, keep in mind that dealers of imitation Wagyu will mark it up in price simply because they can, so don’t depend too heavily on pricing.

Consume at an Official Restaurant

wagyu beef wholesale

Alternatively, you may use this website to identify restaurants in the United States that serve genuine Japanese Kobe beef. Several of the eateries are in major cities, so they may be worth adding to your itinerary if you want to travel.

Purchasing from Reputable Steakhouses

Genuine Kobe and wagyu beef wholesale can also be purchased via reputable meat distributors, which are also mentioned on the Kobe beef website. The Chicago Steak Company also sells American Wagyu meat. We sell some of the best domestic Wagyu in popular cuts including rib eye, fillet mignon, and boneless strip.

Wagyu and Kobe are among the most sought-after steaks in the industry, and for good reason. There aren’t many other steaks that are as highly marbled and delicious as Wagyu and Kobe. Therefore, you should not discount American Wagyu as a good alternative for Japanese Wagyu. Because it is descended from the same bloodlines as Japanese cattle and is reared in the same manner, American Wagyu embodies everything you know and love about traditional Japanese Wagyu.

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